Sunday, February 13, 2011

Daddy, Pick Me Up!

Worship is such a personal thing. I mean everyone worships differently. Chris gets ministered to most through the message. For me, its the music. That's where I experience God most during corporate worship. Many people aren't expressive during the music. I have a hard time with this. I find it difficult to even sit down during singing. Some day in heaven, we are all going to be worshipping together so we might as well get comfortable with it now.

Growing up, I never saw anyone raising their hands. I guess you could say I grew up in a rather conservative church. My first experience was at World Changers in high school. The music was so...worshipful. I mean, my hands were lifted up and I didn't even feel like I did it. It was definitely worship in the Spirit and it almost always was accompanied by tears. I never can explain that, but I guess it's just when I feel the Holy Spirit's presence that I'm overwhelm and it manifests into tears. From that time on, it always ministered to me to watch others in worship, singing their head off, dancing and raising their hands. But I always wondered, what does it mean? I guess it can mean a lot of things. Sometimes it's because I agree with the words, or I'm living the song up as a prayer, or it's an action of surrender. Sometimes, I don't know. It's just part of something that moves inside me and I just can't stop it.

I heard the most beautiful word picture today and it describes exactly how I feel when I raise my hands in worship. When a child lifts up her arms to you and says, "Pick me up, daddy!"--how does Daddy respond? He can NOT resist picking up his child, can he? It's the same expression of lifting our hands to God. It's like saying, "Daddy, Pick Me Up!" And I don't think He can resist. At least, I always feel lifted up.

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Anonymous said...

Next time we are together, let's raise our hands together. :D Love you.


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